Tarek – Dubai, UAE

Depression and Eating disorder:

Mireille was recommended to me by a friend who had also taken her coaching session. But I honestly doubted that she can help me. I had a binge eating disorder compounded by other health problems. I mean sure, she can probably help me with my psychological issues including depression and anxiety. But I’ve also learned to live with them and these had been going on for years. After a nasty break-up, I finally reached breaking point.

So I went to Mireille. You have to experience this yourself. For me, it was like walking from a cave covered in darkness to the light. She helped me see the light. I finally feel confident and empowered to change my life and be a better, healthier version of myself.

If you can relate to my problems, and have been wallowing for far too long, seek a coach. I finally learned to control my food intake and have lost a significant amount of extra weight working within the guidelines she helped set up. I now have the confidence to meet new people! Really, don’t wait to reach a breaking point.