How did SI start?

Strategic Intervention started as a methodology for change refined, perfected and practiced globally by Anthony Robbins. Anthony coached thousands of the world leaders and celebrities like Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Serena Williams and Hugh Jackman among others.

It encompasses the philosophy and discipline taught by great thinkers and leaders such as Gregory Bateson, Mother Theresa, The Dalai Lama, Margaret Mead, Jay Haley, Milton Erickson, Cloe Madanes, Anthony Robbins, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi.

As such, SI extracts the most appropriate and valuable strategies for communication and action from various disciplines. This includes Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy; Human Needs Psycholo-gy, occupational and business psychology, language studies, the psychology of persuasion, conflict and peace strategies, international relations, and others.

By distilling the essence of these disciplines and approaches by master Strategic Interventionists, a trained SI coach navigates an individual’s personal sense of reality and emotional patterns with ease. They can also find their way through group dynamics to lead masterfully organizational culture interventions.

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