What to expect

During your sessions with me, you do not just talk but also take concrete actions. By appreciating and elevating our experience and emotions, we achieve breakthroughs, which begin in the session but extend into our lives, our health and our relationships. Through the practice of SI coaching, we discuss your whole person including your relationships, thoughts, lifestyle choices, recollections and sentiments. It is my honor to work with you at this profound level. By working with me, you expect to:

  • Remove that feeling of being helpless
  • Gain clarity about your life goals
  • Feel inspired and identify what fuels your drive to achieve
  • Stop doubting yourself to enjoy more success
  • Start making healthy choices
  • Know how and why you test or argue with people you love
  • Understand what you need to do to feel happy, loved, and excited
  • Feel a reduction in stress and feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Take ownership of your life and relationships and be confident in your ability to improve them
  • Exercise and sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn to prioritize and finish tasks
  • Overcome harmful thoughts, memories, and source of anxiety
  • Strengthen and improve critical relationships
  • Learn essential life skills that help you cope with life or health challenges
  • Stay motivated to overcome pain and chronic disease
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