Love & Relationships

Love & Relationships

Are you losing your focus and vitality because you are struggling with difficulties from your past? Alternatively, are you currently struggling with a breach of trust, issues of sexual chemistry, and disagreements about parenting or money?

Emotions like jealousy and anger or fear that the spark is out of your love can dampen your relationships.

If you are feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship, trying to find another way, want to overcome mistrust and jealousy, learn forgiveness, have more powerful dates, deal with children and teen challenges, strengthen your love and your deepest desires, plan future together, let me as your strategic interventionist help you handle these challenges or desires.

With my SI coaching approach, I systematically break down and solve any obstacles in your relation-ships. You will learn how to navigate emotional situations and conflicts with creative solutions.

Discover what makes your significant other tick and what you need or how to get it. You may also resolve past problems by centering yourself on the emotions and relationship you need and want today. The sessions will also help you know how to both give your love and how to receive your partner’s love at a new level.

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